Excluding Past Lawsuits Due to Lack of Relevance

Darren Chaker discusses what the federal evidence rules lay out precisely what is meant by “relevant evidence”: “Relevant evidence” means any evidence having any tendency...

Impeachment With Prior Felony Conviction

As illustrated by Darren Chaker in other articles, under Article I, section 28, subdivision (f) of the California Constitution, “Any prior felony conviction of...

Penal Code Section 1203.4 are Convictions for Immigration Purposes

Darren Chaker found when a conviction is expunged, under 1203.4(a), does not change the fact it may be used for immigration consequences. Courts have conclusively...

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Darren Chaker To Catch a Murderer

Just as to Making_a_Murderer, there's to Catch a Murderer : Darren Chaker heard screams from what he thought was another domestic violence instance in San Diego. Darren Chaker helped police capture a murder suspect in La Jolla.